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Wedding Vows Las Vegas, provides officiate services to all couples. As an award-winning ordained minister, Judy Irving strives to create modern ceremonies with passion and reverence that are also fun. She caters to clients’ unique tastes and desires, while helping to lift the stresses of wedding planning. Judy is an attentive minister and an entertaining speaker, and happily includes traditions and rituals important to her clients in order to bring their wedding dreams to life. Open to all faiths and all peoples. Judy performs elegantly romantic ceremonies in a variety of settings around Las Vegas, from personal homes to destination venues, always ensuring that every ceremony reflects the unique beauty of each couple’s love.

Wedding Vows Las Vegas offers a variety of services including elopements, interfaith ceremonies, nonreligious ceremonies, civil unions, and vow renewals. Additionally, Judy provides services including customized vows, baby blessings, incorporating children into the marriage ceremony and storytelling (your unique story). (see Services)

Please fill out the contact page page and then call Judy at 702-245-6635.


And remember "Love doesn’t make the world go ‘round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” - Elizabeth Browning


Wedding Services

At Wedding Vows Las Vegas, size doesn’t matter. Whether you have a 16-person bridal party and 300 guests or it’s just the two of you, be assured you’ll get Judy’s personal touch to make your special day meaningful.

Most ceremonies run approximately 20-30 minutes depending on the wedding venue, the number of people in the bridal party and the rituals involved. You want it short enough to keep the groom happy, romantic enough to make the bride happy and meaningful enough to keep Grandma happy. Even in weddings that have no mention of God, family and guests come up to Reverend Judy afterward to share with her how touching the ceremony was.

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  • Vegas Wedding Minister
  • Vegas Wedding Officiant
  • Vegas Wedding Minister
  • Vegas Wedding Officiant
  • Vegas Wedding Minister

  • Vegas Wedding Officiant
  • Vegas Wedding Minister
  • Vegas Wedding Officiant
  • Vegas Wedding Minister
  • Vegas Wedding Officiant
  • Vegas Wedding Minister

Types of Services:

Traditional & non-traditional Weddings

The best Las Vegas wedding officiants will offer you a variety of options; but they will all center on your personal needs. So whether you are a traditional couple or non-traditional, different faiths, or none, we’d love to work with you!


One of the most fun things about being a Las Vegas wedding officiant is the large number of elopements we have here! So we’d love to assist you in finding the perfect location and since a Las Vegas marriage license requires one witness, we can also furnish that witness.

Elopement + Photography

Wedding Vows Las Vegas has partnered with a professional photographer to allow you to feel the excitement of eloping to Las Vegas plus create lasting memories to show your family and friends by combining these services. The photographer will cover the ceremony and then head out with you to nearby locations to record your fun with expert photos using beautiful Las Vegas as the backdrop. The photographs will then be sent to you on a CD after being professionally edited. Details here:

Commitment Ceremonies

are for those who don’t want to take the legal route, but do want to take the step of publically stating their commitment to each other and celebrating their intentions with friends and family.

Vow Renewals in Las Vegas

whether it’s 5 years or 50 years, renewing your vows to each other is a highlight in life. You may want to include your children in your wedding party. How often do we get to see our parents married (again to the same person)? We delight in hearing couple’s share what they’ve learned from the one another over the years. The Las Vegas Marriage Bureau now offers a Renewal Certificate for those wishing to commemorate their renewal. It’s not a legal document but a lovely reminder of your renewed love and commitment. The cost is $21.

Paperwork & Filing Only

Reverend Judy does offer this service, if you want a family member or friend to perform the ceremony and have Rev Judy sign and file the paperwork. She does have to be present for the ceremony due to licensing requirements. If it’s a medical emergency she will also come to you for expedited service.

Wedding Paperwork and Filing
Wedding Rituals

Reverend Judy has worked with a variety of rituals, which depending on your preference, you might want to include in your ceremony. Below are the most popular along with a sample video:

Unity Candle – • signaling (by the lighting of tapers) that the couple is bringing all they have been individually, into the marriage and are now becoming one (as they light the larger candle) – Example: VIDEO

Sand Ceremony – • This is similar to the Unity Candle ceremony; using one color of sand for the bride and another for the groom. These are poured together into a larger container to symbolize the two lives are now forever entwined. If there are children involved then usually each child will have a different color of sand. This is an excellent way to make children feel apart of the ceremony and the new family unit. Examples: VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2

Rose Ceremony – • This is an excellent way to say ‘thank you’ to parents and grandparents – early in the ceremony, roses are presented to each person the couple wants to show gratitude and respect for or they can be exchanged between the couple as seen here: VIDEO

Hand Blessing – • As the couple holds hands and looks into each other’s eyes; the Officiant reads a compassionate and endearing poem that sets the stage for many years to come. VIDEO

Breaking of the Glass – • The Jewish tradition of the breaking of the glass reminds us that love, like glass, is fragile and must be protected. A broken wedding glass is forever changed; likewise, the bride & groom will be forever changed by their marriage as their relationship takes on a new form. VIDEO

Wine Box Ceremony - • Wine is the universal symbol for the richness of life and the sweetness of love. Near the wedding day the couple will each write the other a love letter. The letters will then be placed in a ‘love box’, which holds a vintage bottle of wine along with a copy of the vows used during the wedding ceremony. The box is to be opened on every fifth wedding anniversary, the letters to be read and the wine to be savored; then replaced with new wine and new letters. Wine Box Ceremony: VIDEO

Additional rituals: • Butterfly release, Dove release, Coin Blessing, Veil Blessing, Cord Blessing, Jumping of the Broom, and Hand Bindings –

Butterfly release: VIDEO
Hand Binding: VIDEO
Dove Release: VIDEO
Jumping the Broom: VIDEO

Baby Blessings

Baby Blessings

Baby Blessings are one of Reverend Judy’s favorite ceremonies. The blessing can be an alternative to a traditional baptism or christening and has become popular for couples of different faiths and those who do not have ties to a church. One benefit is the ceremony can be tailored to reflect the parents’ wishes and can be done in the comfort of the family home.

The blessing is a time to celebrate the birth of the child, a gift of God. It’s usually held in the first year and in the presence of family and close friends and may include Godparents. For all who participate this blessing signifies the shared joy and responsibility of nurturing the child.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions:

What about the license?

No matter how beautiful your Las Vegas wedding may be, you’re not married until Reverend Judy signs the Las Vegas Marriage License; so it’s a very important part of the ceremony. The information below will assist you in obtaining the license.

  • There is no blood test and no waiting period.
  • You both must go in person and prove your identity (drivers license, passport, social security number, etc)
  • Cost is $77
  • Address is 201 East Clark Avenue, Las Vegas 89155 - map
  • Phone number is (702) 671-0600
  • Hours: Open 8 to midnight seven days a week including holidays. For more information Click Here
Prior to your ceremony, it is best to make application online at  This will make the process easier once you arrive at the marriage bureau. Both the application and the marriage license are good for one year. The day of your wedding, bring the entire license packet to the ceremony, your wedding officiant will fill out all the paperwork and make sure it gets recorded with local officials after the wedding.

What is the cost of an Officiant?

The average fee for a quality Las Vegas wedding officiant is $200-$500 depending on whom you choose and what’s included. What’s important is that you choose a wedding officiant you feel a connection with, someone who is trustworthy and has great reviews. Reverend Judy charges between $250 and $400 for ceremonies in Las Vegas; there is a small travel fee for Lake Las Vegas, Mount Charleston and the Valley of Fire locations (where a permit is required). The fee includes a phone or in-person consultation, planning tools, customized ceremony script for your approval, performing the ceremony and any rituals you may want plus getting the paperwork recorded with local officials after the ceremony. She will also send you a link when the paperwork has made it’s way through the system and is ready to be ordered online.

How long does it take for the license to be recorded?

It usually takes about a week for the recording to be completed. On holidays, it may take a little longer.

Do we need a rehearsal?

Many couples do find it helpful, especially if it is a large wedding, however the venue coordinator will usually handle the rehearsal. Primarily it is about the line-up of the wedding party. You do not repeat your vows at the rehearsal. If you want Reverend Judy to attend the rehearsal, and she has availability she is happy to do so for an additional fee of $150.

How far ahead do we need to book?

We suggest 10-12 months in order to get your choice of Officiants. As soon as your venue and date have been decided, then book your officiant at the same time you book your photographer and videographer. April and October are generally the busiest months in Las Vegas due to the excellent weather.

Should we meet before the wedding?

You can meet with Reverend Judy if you’d like. Most people feel as if they know her after a phone consultation and seeing and hearing her on the website. It’s the Southern hospitality thing again.

Can we write our own vows?

Absolutely! It is a lovely addition to any ceremony! Just let Reverend Judy know you want to do so and she will give you the opportunity at the appropriate time during the ceremony.

What if it’s just the two of us and we don’t have a witness?

You will need one witness, but not to worry; Reverend Judy can usually find a witness for a small fee.

Where do the rituals usually go?

Traditionally the rose ceremony comes at the beginning after the welcome, or at the end after the pronouncement. The others ceremonies (most commonly sand or unity candle) will come between the vow exchange and the ring exchange. The hand blessing may come before the vows or between the intentions and vows.

What if we are two different faiths?

We can work with this, no problem!

Recent Blog Posts

Las Vegas Wedding Minister - The Significance of Rings

The Significance of Rings

The ring exchange can be one of the most touching moments of your wedding ceremony – IF, you don’t rush through it and you look into your partner’s eyes as you speak the important words. The engagement ring presented at the exciting moment of the proposal represents an intention and a commitment, the wedding rings then are the next step in that commitment. I don’t see them as a symbol of legality, but rather a symbol of loyalty and devotion, a follow-through on the original intention.

A little history: the tradition of engagement rings actually dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who believed circles were symbols of eternity. Wedded couples exchanged rings made of braided reeds. They were worn on the left-hand ring finger which has a vein that runs directly to the heart.  Similar traditions seem to date at least to the ancient Greeks, and Romans. The ring represented a formal agreement to chastity and a future marriage. Anthropologists believe this tradition originated from a Roman custom in which wives wore rings attached to small keys, indicating their husband’s ownership. Thank goodness, we no longer believe in ownership of people! And incidentally, I refuse to even put the word ‘obey’ in my marriage ceremonies.

The first diamond engagement ring, was commissioned by Archbishop Maximillian and given to his betrothed Mary of Burgundy in 1477. Sometimes women were given two rings, one to wear in public and an iron one to wear at home while cleaning and cooking.

Today, the 3-stone engagement ring has become popular (think Meghan Markle). It is said the smaller stones on either side can represent the past and the future, or friendship, love and fidelity or they can represent the trinity. Sometimes both partners will receive a ring, as a symbol of promises made.

Traditionally, the engagement ring is moved to the right hand before the ceremony; leaving the left ring finger free for the wedding ring to be placed first (closer to the heart?) and then the engagement ring is placed after it.

Regardless of the materials, number of stones or the size of the stone(s), it is a symbol of a couple’s dedication, love, and commitment to each other. A symbol of a beautiful journey that two people decide to embark upon when they decide to spend the rest of their lives together. I encourage you to remember this each time you look at your rings.

Las Vegas Wedding Minister - Vow Renewals

Vow Renewals

A successful marriage requires falling in love may times, always with the same person.
  ~ Mignon McLaughlin

A vow renewal is a way of saying, “Yes, I am still committed to you and want to continue living and loving as a married couple. It’s a way of saying to your spouse that after all these years – You’re still the one!

When & Why to Renew

Some couples may decide to renew to mark a milestone. I’ve done renewals for 5 years, 15, 20, 30 and 60. You’ll know when the time is right. Some may decide to renew after a particular difficult health episode or health scare as a way of saying, we’re come through this together and now let’s celebrate, not only the recovery but us!

Another reason to renew might be that you were disappointed in your wedding. Perhaps you were too stressed to enjoy the day or you were fulfilling your parents dreams and not yours. Another reason to renew might be that you have come back together as couple after an infidelity and want a fresh start. Or perhaps one spouse is in the military and is about to deploy; it’s a wonderful way to share a really special memory with your partner that he/she can carry with them to a far-away country.

There are many reasons to pledge your love again, and your renewal can be exactly what you want it to be. It can be as intimate as just the two of you (and a reason for a vacation) or you can have a huge celebration where you can invite your current friends, the ones you’ve made during your marriage vs. the ones you went to high school or college with. Look at all the celebrities who renew their vows; it often appears like the renewal is just a reason to throw a really big party. Nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes people renew as a way to set an example for their children and have the children included in the renewal ceremony.

So, when to hold the renewal? Your choice! Perhaps on the same day as you were originally married or perhaps on Valentine’s Day, the date of the proposal or the anniversary of when you met. Your day – your choice! There are no parents breathing down your neck!

Preparing for Your Vow Renewal

A few questions to ask yourselves: Why do we want to renew our vows? Are we both onboard? Do we want It to be intimate or to include guests, if guests how many? What is the budget? Will you have it home or away? If it’s just the two of you, you could plan to take a special vacation. Or will you include your kids, family and friends? What is budget; can you afford it, can your guests afford to travel? Will you have it catered, have a band, what will you wear? Will you have a wedding cake? Who will officiate (renewals are not legal so you’re not required to have a licensed officiant, but It’s good to have a professional to guide you through the structure, someone who thinks on their feet and is comfortable with public speaking. Will you write your own vows? Are there sentimental rituals you’d like to add to your ceremony? Take the time to reflect on what has changed since your wedding day, what you love the most about your spouse, what you have learned about yourself during your marriage, etc. All these are fun elements an officiant and an event planner (if you choose to go big) can assist you with.  

Vow renewals are such a special way to open a new chapter, gain a new perspective, and at the same time settle into another decade with the man or woman whom you chose once and are choosing again.

As the author, John Updike said, “We are most alive when we’re in love.”

For more information you might want to check out this book: The Complete Guide to Vow Renewals by Breslow and Bain

Las Vegas Wedding Minister - Making Meaning

Making Meaning

Wedding trends do change with the times, but some things remain traditional and trends always come around again, just like clothing styles and hairstyles. You know how you can look at a photograph and know what decade it was made in, just by the hairstyle or dress? You definitely want to be aware of the trends but also to make it ‘your own’. I thought I would share with you some of the ways my couples make their weddings ‘their own’.

Currently, I’m working with a bride who wants to add in some Irish touches so we’re doing a traditional handfasting or hand binding. This is a symbolic binding of the hands that inspired the term to “Tie the Knot”. Throughout history in many different ways and in many different parts of the world, the hands of the couple to be married were bound as a sign of their commitment to one another. In many times rings were only for the very rich, while love knows no such bound. This couple is including both moms and the bride’s stepmom in this ritual. The stepmom will bring the cord forward and the two moms will wrap the hands, then the stepmom will remove the cord. Their cord is shown above, its’ beautiful ribbons intertwined to form a cord. This is a wonderful way to include family members and to incorporate your heritage, which in this case is Irish. We will also be including an Irish Blessing which is my personal favorite for closing out a ceremony.

Another recent couple, from Scotland wore traditional kilts and used the scarfs from their shoulders to bind their hands. A close friend was the one to do the wrap..

Over the New Year’s weekend, a lovely couple from France married at Red Rock Canyon and I shared officiating duties with the sister of the groom who spoke the ceremony in French while I spoke in English. Then, of course, I officially pronounced them, and filed all paperwork. In this case, the sister was more comfortable speaking English than the bride and groom’s so most of the communication and the deciding on the verbiage of the vows transpired between her and me. She was so delightful, and teary during the ceremony because of her love for her dear brother and sister-in-law. This was a welcome change for me, as I’m usually the teary one.

I don’t recommend having a family member or friend actually preside over the ceremony unless they are professionals and have officiated many weddings. Why do I say this? Simply because this is the one time during a wedding that everyone’s focus is in the same place – on you and the officiant – you want things to run smoothly, the ceremony to flow as it should and someone who is experienced enough to be able to spontaneously handle any hiccups that might occur. If your friend or family member is a professional, and it is important to you, then by all means proceed and I am happy to act as the officiant of record. I will still consult with you on securing the marriage license, meet with you to do the pronouncement and then file all the paperwork. While I do understand your wanting to include the special people in your life in your ceremony, perhaps you can find another way to do so - such as readings, bridal party, witness on your marriage certificate, adding a special charm of theirs to the bridal bouquet, etc.

Wedding Venues in Las Vegas where Reverend Judy has performed weddings:

Waldorf Astoria • Hilton Lake Las Vegas • Red Rock Country Club • Siena Golf Club • Revere Golf Club • Mansion 54 • Eldorado Dry Lake Bed • Nelsons Landing • Bellagio • The Four Seasons • Mandarin Oriental • The Venetian • The Palazzo • Mandalay Bay • House of Blues Foundation Room • The Delano • Wynn • Wynn Encore • The Hyatt Regency • The Ritz Carlton • The Cosmopolitan • The Aria • Caesar’s • Vdara • JW Marriott • MGM Grand • The Platinum • The TI • The M Resort • Springs Preserve • Red Rock National Preserve • Red Rock Resort • Hard Rock Hotel & Resort • The Grove • The Suncoast • Boulder Station • Alliante • The Alexis Park • The Palm’s • The Tropicana • 2810 Mansion • The Quad Hotel & Casino • Canyon Gate County Club • Dragon Ridge Country Club • Bear’s Best Golf Club • Angel Park Golf Club • TPC Summerlin Golf Club • Black Mountain Golf Club • Tule Springs (Floyd Lamb Park) • The Westin Lake Las Vegas • Aston MonteLago Village • Mount Charleston • Valley of Fire

Plus many restaurants, timeshare suites, specialty venues and private homes

See photos here


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